Capturing moments of hope & peace.

My desire is to create art that help others pause, breathe deeply and be encouraged.

I believe that art has the ability to heal, to bring hope and peace into our brokenness and into our lives. I don’t believe we are just supposed to “get by” in this world. Jesus came so we may have life to the full and yet, His message is often forgotten, silenced and drowned out by busyness and brokenness. I want to use the talents He has given me to create art that reminds us to hold firmly to the hope and peace he promised.

I use simple supplies… acrylic paint, markers, ink and pencils to capture the amazing light and beauty found in our everyday lives.

I hope you are refreshed and inspired by your time here.

Once you are ready, you can browse in the shop here or we can work together to create a beautiful painting specifically for you.

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