Graphic design and branding to help Mompreneurs shine their light.


graphic design markersHello sweet friend.  Welcome to my little home on the web. I am a graphic designer that specializes in logos and branding for hard-working mamas.

I know how tough it is to raise kids and grow a business. Most days there isn’t enough time to accomplish all of the things we set out to do. Then there are the days we accomplish a lot and we wonder if we are giving enough to our family.

I know what it’s like to have piles of laundry, stacks of paperwork, school papers to sign and no plan for dinner. While I can’t do your laundry or grocery shopping, I want to help you. Let me take a few things off of your plate so you can focus on what really matters… your family and your business.

I believe great design and branding can take your business to the next level. I want to give you the tools you need to create a consistent and successful brand that is as unique as you are.


How can I help you?branding momboss entepreneur

  • You need a logo
  • Want to attract your perfect client
  • Get the support from someone who understands that life as a mom and entrepreneur (in that order) can be super exciting… scary… isolating… awesome… challenging… ridiculously rewarding
  • Grab the tools, resources and strategies you need in order to make your big ideas happen
  • Be the best momboss ever!!



How did graphic design and helping mompreneurs become my thing?

graphic design mompreneur


I have a Major in Graphic Design and a Minor in Advertising from Central Michigan University. I began working in my field right after graduation and I loved it! The creativity and challenge of helping a client develop the perfect product for their company was fun and exciting. Once I became a mom I found it impossible to go back to the office away from my kids. I wanted to raise my children while continuing to do what I love. I am blessed to say I have been a mompreneur since 2003.


What do you think?

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