10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Logo

Do you cringe every time you send something out with your logo on it?


Are you embarrassed by your business card?


Do you avoid sending people to your website?



signs outdated logo


These may all be signs that your logo just isn’t cutting it anymore. But, there are actually many more signs you need to be aware of. I created a top ten list for you. And because I’m a sucker for those fun quizzes, I created one for you so you can take an objective look at your logo and see how you score. Look for it at the end of the post!

“An amateur brand can be like an anchor,

dragging your business down.” -Dan Antonelli

  1. You’re embarrassed by it

I put this one first, because if you feel embarrassed AT ALL by your logo or brand. DO NOT wait, do something about it today. I promise, this feeling you have, won’t get better. The longer you wait to do something about it, the worse it will get. You could be losing clients. You are probably losing confidence in what you do and eventually, you will be losing sleep over it. It just isn’t worth it, contact me right now and let’s talk about creating something amazing for you!


  1. Your logo is a DIY from a few years ago

When you are first starting out it is completely ok to DIY your own brand and logo. In fact, I encourage this. It isn’t until you are a few years into your business that you really know who you are, what you do and who you serve. Your business changes and develops over time. But, there comes a point when your business NEEDS to grow up and dress the part of a successful and professional business. Please don’t read that as being stuffy or out of touch, but there is a difference between showing up in yoga pants and a holey shirt versus an outfit that makes you feel like the powerhouse you are!


  1. It doesn’t represent who you are or what you do

There are two possible reasons for this issue. The first, as I mentioned in number two is maybe your business has changed since you originally started and now your logo doesn’t fit. The second is, it never did. You are an amazing person. You were created for a specific purpose. If your logo does not represent that, it is time for a change. Your brand and ultimately your logo should be a genuine expression of who you are and what you do.


  1. Your values are not clearly communicated in your logo

Your purpose in business and what you stand for should be accurately communicated in your logo and branding. Are you fun, outgoing and motivational or are you quietly encouraging and supportive? The values and personality behind the business should be showing up in your logo and the other materials you create. You need people to know what you stand for so they will know what to expect from you, otherwise, you are causing confusion and no one wants to work with a business that causes them unnecessary stress.


  1. You aren’t attracting your dream clients

Your logo and your brand should be like a magnet for your perfect client. It should seriously draw them to you. With the right strategy and educated decisions the right logo and brand is created and it will draw the attention of the right people. The amazing thing is, that the right logo also acts as a repellant for the wrong client… and who doesn’t want that? Imagine attracting your dream clients and getting rid of the nightmare clients all with one change. That is priceless!


  1. You are no longer inspired by what you do

I feel like this kind of goes along with #1 but it is a little sneakier and sometimes you don’t even notice there is a problem. Rather than being in your face… “I really don’t like my logo” it is more like… “I just feel blah”. A new logo and brand can change your entire perspective on your business. Think of it as an entirely brand new wardrobe that was hand selected and created specifically for you according to your specifications and the image you want to portray. It’s all new and shiny and makes you look and feel amazing!


  1. Your logo is holding you back

We’ve talked about growing up and changing a lot already. Sometimes you can’t grow in the direction you want because your logo won’t allow it. Your big ideas and dreams should not be dictated by your logo! Don’t let a simple thing like this stand in your way. Do something about it today… a month from now when those dreams are coming true, you will be glad you did!


  1. Your goals don’t align with your current brand

I know I sound like a broken record, but your business is going to change and develop into something different and exciting. It’s a good thing! This is a sign of growth! But, there may come a time when you realize your logo just doesn’t line up with your goals. This is a perfect time for you to do something with your brand so it moves in the same direction you are. You want it working with you, not against you.


  1. Your logo is not unique

You are a unique person with special gifts, talents and abilities. Your logo should reflect that! You need to stand out from the competition and a one of a kind logo and brand that expresses your amazing personality and purpose is the way to accomplish that. A stock logo is great to start, but it is time for you to shine!


  1. No consistency

All of your materials should match. I talked about this in depth here. But, it is so important, I will continue to bring it up. Your graphics, colors, fonts, images, logo… everything… should convey the same message and personality. If it doesn’t, it is costing you big time! You will not gain customer trust or recognition. You will not attract clients at all, let alone your perfect client.


So now what? Maybe you see yourself in several of these reasons and you are wondering what to do next. Contact me and let’s talk through it. Even if you have no idea what to say or how to express what you are feeling, it’s ok. I love puzzles and connecting dots. I love helping my clients work through these situations. It may seem overwhelming and scary to you, but I live for this kind of thing! I want you to enjoy the process as I help you walk through it and come out the other side with more confidence! I want to help you create a logo and brand that confidently expresses your personality, purpose, goals and dreams!


Click here and let’s chat about making a logo that works for you today!


If you aren’t quite sure you need to upgrade or update your logo, I created this super fun quiz so you can take an objective look at what your customers see and think when they come in contact with your business.