Creating art helps me slow down, absorb beautiful moments and be inspired.

My desire is to create art that help others pause, breathe deeply and be encouraged.

I have always loved a beautiful sunset, the way light dances off the dew on a flower, or the fog that lingers as the sun comes up. These moments in God’s creation have inspired me and helped me when the world seems too much to handle. I want to capture these moments through art and share them with you.

I use simple supplies… acrylic paint, markers, ink and pencils to capture the amazing light and beauty found in our everyday lives.

I hope you are refreshed and inspired by your time here.

I consider my clients friends.
I will continue to follow their story and cheer them on for years to come.
This is what a few of them have to say about working with me:

"Lynnette is soooo lovely She puts heart and soul into all her work. She took a picture I gave her and was able to paint in PERFECTLY. She is truly amazing in her talent and gift!" -Kelli

"I was so pleased with Lynnette's creative response to my request. She completely nailed the feel I wanted with the look she created." -Trina

"Lynette can take your vision and create something so special that can be treasured for a lifetime. I am blessed to know her and I am so grateful for the beautiful art she created." -Anne